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Thoughts on Coronavirus (CoVid-19)

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“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”

Marthin Luther King, Jr.


  1. ) Introduction
  2. ) The Individual and Society
  3. ) We are in this together
  4. ) Our own deceptions
  5. ) Conclusion

The world as we have experienced thus far has turned upside down. As a continuously growing number of public institutions gets shut down, more and more people are being thrown into unknown waters. Seeing that our world appears to undergo a massive shift, we are now more or less forced to spend the days with ourselves.

Social stimulation, which has been the grand modus operandi of our rather extroverted society at large, so far, seems to be no longer our go-to model of coping with the harsh blows that reality likes to hand out so very often.

Seeing that the novel Coronavirus has been at large for quite some time, I did notice a few interesting changes. I do have to profess that I haven’t been outside that much. During the times, which I did spend outside of the safe confines of my small safe haven, I have made a few interesting observations, which I would like to share. I would also like to intertwine these with a couple of thoughts, which still roam around the evergreen parts of my mind that have not yet been subjugated by the insatiable claws of ego-ridden complexes.

The Individual and Society

During the beginning of this lockdown I was rather unsure as to what the future will bring. Having been (temporary) fired from both of my jobs, I was, of course upset, but serene at the same time, for I do know that my family does support me, if push comes to shove. Yet I am still quite reluctant on relying on help outside of myself.

I do believe that there’s a big element of pride involved in letting go of these deconstructive connotations.

Help, which will not be accepted out of fear of being indebted does indeed stem from a lack of self-consciousness. Yet self-consciousness itself cannot be found without letting go of what has been working before. This principle applies to every level of abstraction of our existence – whether it be the individual or the state. Self-reliance without selfishness should thusly be welcomed.

A man who is standing in front of what appears to be a billboard
We need to be ourselves first in order to truly connect with others.

Given our current situation, we are more than ever reliant on ourselves. Whilst it is true that the state does determine the outcome of the general direction that we, as a society, are heading towards (i.e. novel regulations, laws, enforcement, etc.), it is our genuine selves whom we will have to accept, in order to move forward through these turbulent times.

Parts of us that have been suppressed until now will come forth. Some of these will threaten to sweep us away. A great many relationships will now be subjected to the constant pressure of close proximity within our oh so sweet homes. Connections will be shattered, yet many will shine forth brightly. Old flames will rekindle whilst newer ones will be extinguished.

I suppose that many divorces will result due to the current circumstances, whilst, at the same time, many new lives will created. We might thusly experience a new baby boom, but only future can tell.

We are in this together

Seeing that not only our representatives are experiencing these times of upheaval with a sense of restlessness and powerlessness, shows us that we are all in this together. We are both alone and connected at the same time, but within the previous societal ordeal of the daily grind, our sense of self has been lost.

We have been led astray by false idols. Voices which do not belong to us, but have been reverbing inside our minds, did lead us towards a path of decadence and nihilism, which has subconsciously poisoned the very fountain of life that dwells within us.

Do you think that humanity could have made it this far withouth helping each other out?

Even though more nations than ever have been on the rise, in terms of general wellbeing (f.e. infrastructure, less poverty, and the like), our state of mind has been lulled into a false sense of security.

Societies messages have been mostly about trying to reach a specific position, so as to ascertain oneself of ones worth. Unworthiness has been the rule, true worth – one that cannot measured by those pharisaical modes of relation – has been the exception.

Yet it has taken one virus to show us all that we are vulnerable and always will be.

Our own deceptions

We did become masters at deceiving not only our environment, but also ourselves. Putting up fronts, not being genuine – not even experiencing what this means – has been our way of coping with these structures outsides ourselves. Yet we are not to forget that these have originated in ourselves. Our “false” selves that is.

There is an important distinction to make. “False”, in this context, should not be taken as “surreal”, but rather as stemming from a feeling of powerlessness. Our egos, which shield us from true love and a real feeling of liveliness, have become the tin gods of our soul. We have become accustomed to identifying with these parts of ourselves – essentially losing a grip on reality and melting into the afterglow of what we are supposed to be.

Even though we might feel powerful, it is fool’s gold. For clinging onto thoughts, which result from comparison and henceforth perceiving the world through these deceitful glasses, is our undoing. Each passing moment.

Yet there is hope, for in filth it will be found. Humbling ourselves and realising that what ought to be is not, what actually is, allows us to find ourselves. To dip into the ever-present serenity amidst our chaotic landscape of misused idealism.

True acceptance of ourselves involves looking into the very nooks and crannies that we have so desperately tried to ignore.

We cannot become who we truly are without first looking at the parts within ourselves that we deem to be not worthy.

The human species, on a broad scale, is still prone to looking outside and thus indulging in a dream created by sick minds. We must not avert our eyes, for if we were to do so, we would perpetuate the very cycle, which keeps us trapped in the first place. There are no judgements to be made – only realizations.

If one truly lives, that is.

The depths of our very being – irregardless of their moral implications have become quite apparent during the current crisis. True Beauty – humanness –  which has been forgotten, is getting yet another chance at raising its face and showing ourselves who we truly are. Vulnerable, frail, but also immeasurably powerful at the same time.

Straying outside in the past few days has shown me a sight, which has filled me with hope once again. As the sun was shining and the birds were singing, there was almost no signs of the general ruckus – cars, airplanes, annoyance, hate.

All these fleeting fooleries of ourselves have made place for a long forgotten sense of camaraderie. Countless people walking down the paths by the riverside. Still cautious about the current regulations, as sanctioned by our government, but at the same time openly talking to strangers. Individuals outside of their own social circles.

I have witnessed many of these occurrences and was happy to be here. Happy to bear witness to humanities innate nature -one of interconnectedness. People were looking less grim than before, for everybody has started to gain a feel of something more to everyday existence. Something more than the usual grey outlook of working that 9-5, getting home, and filling the beautiful green landscape of the mind with iron caricatures and sedating canvasses.

It is strange to think about it. Odd, that it apparently takes a great disaster to show us that we are all deep inside alike. That we are all in this together.


For my part, I do hope that more of humankind will have regained a better understanding of themselves, even after all this ordeal has been over. Albeit it will surely take a long time, and most likely more cycles of suffering, so as to realize that there is something within us that cannot be perceived through our ego-ridden looking glasses, I am certain that many more people will have come to the realization that there is more to life than the next trend. More to living than simply sleepwalking and only doing what has been asked without contemplating about the implications. Love will prevail, but we are the ones who have to bear the burden of suffering.

We are the ones who will ultimately decide, whether we deny the beauty that lurks within, or if we accept it. To cherish it, and to make the world a better place.

Coronavirus, with all its chaotic elements, which have indeed spawned waves of immeasurable suffering, has, on the flipside, given us the chance to feel ourselves again. To experience genuine beauty, that is. Let us not squander this rare chance of external calm and proceed forth on looking within ourselves to find, what cannot be redeemed outside. Let us be ourselves, tap into the depths of our minds and experience the beauty that has been hidden behind the beastly veil of our imperious egos!

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