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Trickling down,Doomed to fall,Snowy eden,The final call, Tossed around by gusts of wind,Moving faster, sometimes slower,As one starts to sigh, and think,“The end is nigh – there is no closure”, Beset by visions of grandeur,Set back due to shallow rigor,Surrounded by perpetual bliss,Invigorated by cold demeanor, Venturing into the unknown,The greatest of all treasures,Frowned upon, staying put,Looking for external pleasure, …

A pocketwach, the background is black.


Unleashed Being Poetry Leave a Comment

Amidst the mellow summer breeze,Swaying movements, a nimble feat,No ill will, no worldly deceit,Unrivalled trajectory – gone in a heartbeat, Slowly tumbling down,Ushered by a gust of wind,Yet tender, graceful,Innocent – without a sin, Its path lacking even a single drawback,One step at a time,Unperturbed by glowing lights,Life’s ever-resonating rhyme, At times harsh,Brazenly, destitute even,But quickly back on its way,For …