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Trickling down,
Doomed to fall,
Snowy eden,
The final call,

Tossed around by gusts of wind,
Moving faster, sometimes slower,
As one starts to sigh, and think,
“The end is nigh – there is no closure”,

Beset by visions of grandeur,
Set back due to shallow rigor,
Surrounded by perpetual bliss,
Invigorated by cold demeanor,

Venturing into the unknown,
The greatest of all treasures,
Frowned upon, staying put,
Looking for external pleasure,

Grazed by fiery sunrays,
As boundaries start to subside,
Evaporating edges, enmeshed in haze,
Formless, blurry figments – shards full of life,

What has been suppressed once,
Now finally starts to shine through,
As linked chains start to break,
One cannot help but feel anew,

For livelihood long forgotten,
And dreams substituted by shams,
The outer shell but rotten,
Life’s sole spectacle – contemplative romance,

Unnoticed by many,
Lost souls, captivated by the downtrodden path,
Split into pieces aplenty,
One cannot help but start to laugh,

Being alive, that is to simply be,
Existence itself – the most fundamental jive,
Dancing along cheerful – merrily,
As it dawns and one starts to realize,

There is no pleasure greater than this ride,
Bumpy as it may sometimes seem,
Satisfaction, par principle nowhere to hide,
Life does indeed spring from within,

As mother earth draws closer,
And father time has stopped his reign,
What seems to be left comes as no surprise,
One tiny driblet of water,
Engulfed by a steady downpour – heavy rain,

Unmet expectations, unseemly complaints,
“Oh how could thou”,
“this shan’t be”,
“it’s not supposed to go this way”

Writhing in agony as force becomes a must,
Trying to gain leverage,
Engulfed by vanity – lopsided insanity,
Average – simply collecting dust,

Looking way over yonder,
Hoping to obtain,
Wilfully unaware – yet again not able to refrain,
Truthfully nothing to see, nothing to proclaim,

For our world is but a transient interlude,
Not a static picture of the mind,
Too often we lose ourselves amidst fleeting terminology,
Too seldom we are allowing ourselves to be – to genuinely shine,

Both sides of the same coin,
Neither wrong nor right,
Yet completely blown out of proportion,
Trying to live, hoping to be – completely missing the point,
In essence nothing to perceive,

As it mistakenly seems to be incomplete,
You can’t help but chase a figment of your mind,
doomed – like a broken record, you are not what you could be,
essentially stuck on repeat, time to be – to finally rewind,

As the façade begins to crumble,
The masquerade stopped dead in its tracks,
You shine forth brightly,
But are quick to judge – “I wanna go back”,

Winter wonderland seemingly gone awry,
As the temperature starts to rise,
It is what it is – life in all of its glory,
Yet once again you start to roll the dice,

Aspiring to acquire obsoleteness,
But too blind to see,
Another dawn, another chance to find freedom,
You ask: “What could that be”,

Nothing to grasp, nothing to control,
Just a free flow of water,
Like life; fluid, dynamic,
One’s inner core, another figment – declared to be the soul,

Often times shrouded by the sheer cold of lies,
Eyes grey – clouded, existential uproar,
As the only path starts to be unravelled,
The disturbance starts to evaporate – to fully subside,

Finally everything starts to become clear,
There is but one great ocean,
Nothing, but at the same time everything,
Being set in motion,

The only meaning, which one could hope to find,
A little flame,
Once again rekindled,
Nothing to complain – no flaw to find,

Utter tranquillity,
The causa ultima – one’s inner path,
Mistakenly labelled as blizzard,
Dependent on the outlook; either sunny or rainy,
A great symphony – sometimes funny, sometimes sad.

© Unleashed Being

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