Alvin Toffler Change is not merely necessary to life - it is life. Lifestyle acts as an all-encompassing link between all experiences, which constitute our existence. It allows those who make wise use of my outlined tips to excel in a broad array of disciplines. Read more LIFESTYLE BENJAMIN FRANKLIN An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Knowledge is the part of the equation that distinguishes us from instinct-driven animals. It is imperative to continuously absorb new pieces of information, so as to remain competitive in all areas of life. Read More KNOWLEDGE RALPH WALDO EMERSON THE FIRST WEALTH IS HEALTH. Health makes or breaks the individual. One needs to take care of not only their mind, but also their body in order to remain as sharp and as vigilant as possible. READ MORE HEALTH Platon THE Unexamined Life is not worth living. Contemplations about contemporary issues and controversial topics in a rational manner are a must, if one wishes to keep their mind sharp. READ MORE CONTEMPLATIONS Plutarch PAINTING IS SILENT POETRY, AND Poetry is Painting that speaks. Poetry is the expression of one's innermost thoughts. Timeless Pictures of States of mind long forgotten. Fostering Creativity is a must, if one wishes to truly "be". READ MORE POETRY

Two men who are walking down a street during the coronavirus pandemic and are wearing protective masks. Thoughts on Coronavirus (CoVid-19) 28. April 2020 READ MORE A woman who raises her hands in front of the sea amidst the sunset. Dissecting Motivation 21. May 2019 READ MORE Blizzard 28. April 2019 READ MORE A pocketwach, the background is black. Timebound 24. April 2019 READ MORE The Importance of Responsibility 6. April 2019 READ MORE

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